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Valve Testing & Matching
Classic Amp Services provide a “Valve Amplifier Health Check” in the form of valve characteristic curve trace’s using our state of the art fully computerised valve tester / curve tracer. We test each valve to reveal its true working characteristics under real operating voltage and current conditions. This enables us to provide our customers with a printed record of the valve’s condition and this printout can be used as a reference in future tests. The curve tracer also allows us to check each valve to see how well it is matched to its output companion.

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Amplifier Repairs
Classic Amp Services have assembled a supplicated range of specialist tools and equipment that enable us to diagnose amplifier faults and issues quickly. This allows our customers to be able to rapidly make the right decisions about their service and repairs. Along with our technical expertise we also have a varied range of test equipment including: Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Dummy Loads, Valve Testers / Curve Tracers, DVMs, Temperature controlled Soldering Stations, Transistor Testers and Switchable Biasing Probe’s.

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Collection & Delivery
Classic Amp Services know how delicate & valuable your equipment is and also the difficulty of finding a courier service that also understands this. Often the most cost effective courier service is the owner, but when this is not possible a reliable service is required. Classic Amp Services offer an in-house service using our own transport, because each trip is unique we are unfortunately not able to offer a fixed courier charge, therefore each trip is calculated individually based upon mileage, time scale and any other route factors.